D'Acquisto Series Hang-On Stand

D'Acquisto Series Hang-On Stand


NOTE: There is currently an 8 - 10 week lead time on the shipment of this product.

Introducing the lightest most compact Climbing Sticks on the market!

NOTE: There is currently an 8 - 10 week lead time on the shipment of this product.

The D'Acquisto Series Hang-on treestand changes the mobile hunting game.

When you think of treestand hunting for Whitetails one name comes to mind, Andrae D’Acquisto. It is that name that decades ago single-handedly revolutionized portable Treestand design.  From plywood climbers in the early 1980's to the first ever cast aluminum hang-on.  In the development of such products, there has always been one goal in mind, to produce the highest quality and most efficient functioning treestands to aid in the success of the mobile hunter.

Cody D'Acquisto was born into the world of treestands. Watching his father's mobile hunting style from a young age he quickly learned a treestand was more than just a tool in a bowhunters arsenal, it was the most important tool. Over the years while whitetail trends shifted to stationary and comfort, he continued down the path that proved successful and began to note and implement various mods to accommodate an even more mobile style of thinking.


After countless years of combined field trials and testing, the original mobile hunter teams up with the next generation and together, Andrae and Cody D'Acquisto bring you the last treestand you will ever need. Designed to shave crucial time of your setup making you the most efficient hunter you can be.


Constructed from 6061 American Made Metal ™, weighing in at an astounding 7.7 lbs, this hang-on features in stand grip points for effortless hanging, a patented Frame lock system for optional gear and game haul, and a center support utility system including precise attachment ports for climbing sticks.



  • American Made Metal™
  • 300lb weight rating
  • Available in Standard length or micro
  • Patented Compact stick stacking system
  • Asymmetrical concealment pattern
  • No-slip step design
  • Increased foot clearance
  • Rope fastening optional available
  • Integrated climbing Grip
  • Reversible steps
  • Micro versa attachment buttons


  • Compact stick- 1.5 lbs / 17 inches long
  • Full stick- 2.4 lbs / 32 inches long


  • Cam strap - 5 ounces
  • Loop strap without buckle - 2 ounces
  • Rope - 3 ounces (6mm)


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