ARC330 4x32 for X330 ONLY

ARC330 4x32 for X330 ONLY


The ARC™ 330 provides a natural and comfortable mounting – a must for quick target acquisition and a precision shot in the field.

The ARC™ 330 reticle helps minimize hold over and hold under in the field out to the maximum ethical range of 70 yards.

The ARC™ 330 is built to withstand the unique recoil abuse crossbows create and our specially designed Multi-Dot reticle is fast and precise.

Compact and lightweight other ARC™ features include fully coated optics, 1/4” MOA turrets, 50 yard parallax free, independent eye piece focus and is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. Clearly see the CAMX advantage today.


NON ILLUMINATED - includes rings